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Community, Weekly Coaching & Infinite Resources... to build, create, publish & scale your value

We believe that at the intersection of authenticity, creative expression and genius talent is the power to inspire millions and redefine culture... that is the beauty of the Internet!

We Get You...

  • Being an Artist, Creative & Entrepreneur is lonely

  • Building online is overwhelming

  • Multi-tasking seems never-ending

  • Content creation is a marathon

  • Creative burnout is real

  • The juggle b/w sales, marketing, admin & operations is real

  • Monetizing your work or passions can be confusing

  • Setting up "systems" to scale online feels foreign

So, yeah, we get you... 👉🏼

We Got You...

  • Our community makes you less isolated & move faster

  • Knowing the "right" activities (online & off) will reduce stress

  • Our 'less but better' strategies will organize you

  • Our content approach will buy back your time

  • Our systems approach will have creativity work for you

  • Our coaching approach will scale your value and projects

  • Our 1-person business approach will help you simplify & diversify

  • Our simplicity will ease your approach & have you grow your value and revenue.

Kass W.

“I paid an over-priced influencer on LinkedIn who didn't even show me the tips you disclosed today for free. That shows integrity!"

We Can Help

Introducing... Build 1 Thing... a community dedicated to helping YOU navigate, build, create & scale your value... and your business... ONLINE.


Workshops, Tutorials, How-To's, Resources to Grow Your Brand / Audience, Tools to Monetize & Scale, Weekly Lives, Step-by-Step Instructions for building ANYTHING & EVERYTHING!

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Meet, network & connect with entrepreneurs and creators around the world with multiple backgrounds & disciplines to help you grow, as well connect to those in your city. 

The Details...

 $47/mo - No Contract

We don't believe in contracts... just wise investments you feel good about.

Live Workshops

Mindset & Well-Being

Content Creation

Creativity & Productivity

Systems that Scale

Execution & Entrepreneurship

Weekly 60-75 Min Coaching to avoid burnout & optimize your performance

($2,000 Value)

Accountability & frameworks to optimize creative output, de-stress & connect

($500 Value)

Network w/Individuals in your space or complimentary to you to support your needs ($500 Value)

Workshops to Reduce Creative Blocks,  Expand Your Content & Reduce the Overwhelm of Grow Your Audience.

($10,000 Value)

Step-by-Step Tutorials to implement software & tactics for growing audience

($5,000 Value)

Special Guest Workshops across Internet Disciplines (Social, Sales, Video & More)

 (Priceless Connections)

Monthly Tutorials & Guides to build anything & everything ONLINE

($5,000 Value)

A Dedicated Resource Library for every tool & software w/explanation

($5,000 Value)

Ongoing LIVE work sessions and member audits for their brands and systems


Save 12%👇🏼






$30K+ in Value for Less Than $2/day

We know this because we've built multiple 7-figure businesses & brands and have invested hundreds of thousands dollars over decades of online and retail experience.


Want to know who we are before you join?

We know how the Internet works. We get you... Learn about us here.👇🏼

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Who We Are

We believe in helping and NOT overselling. However, in case you want to know more about us if we haven't already met on one of our Social Media channels...

Matt Photo for B1T.png

Matt Gottesman

Consulted and/or scaled three 6-figure businesses to 7-figures in under 2 years.

Scaled a lean digital automation business to $500K in less than 18 months operating at a 90% margin without ads.

Grown Social, Podcasts & Email Subscribers to a combined 200,000+ followers doing nearly 120M+ yearly impressions and driving over 7M downloads.

Areas of Focus & Competency


Audience Development

Growth Marketing

Systems & Automation


Branding & Design

Nadeem photo for B1T.png

Nadeem Al-hasan

Started and scaled the largest edible brand in Arizona to 100+ retail locations.

Helped scale Somatic Breathwork to high 7-figures in under 18-months.

Generated over 76M views on YouTube for SBW in under 1 Year.

Areas of Focus & Competency

Sales & Marketing

Lead Acquisition

Growth Marketing

Systems & Automation

Customer Development

Increasing Revenue

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